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Switch Designs
Is a World Renowned
3D Modeler and GTA PC Modification Creator.

GTA 3 "Liberty City" - Switch Designs was learning how to make 3d models and modify GTA.  GTA "3" Vice City - 119 PC Modifications.
GTA "3" San Andreas - 46 PC Modifications.
GTA 4 "Liberty City"- 68 PC Modifications.
GTA 5 "San Andreas" - 2 PC Modifications.

I quit modding in 2018 and rebuilt GTAFORLIFE.COM to give people access to the artistic images and modifications created by me Switch Designs.
I have been an admin at and and I left both of them for my own reasons. I have also been permanently banned over at the for posting what they deemed to be modifications with inappropriate content for their 13+ age group of users. They made a forums site for an adult game that is rated for players 18+. What's inappropriate is for them to allow minors to join and post as members in their adult game-related forums.


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